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despite everything, it's still you. ([personal profile] trueend) wrote in [personal profile] enablemeplz 2017-03-26 01:50 am (UTC)

If you're not against AU/memloss (with memory regains!) games, I play Frisk at [community profile] recolle and I would be absolutely delighted to have Mettaton there!

RecollĂ© is mostly slice-of-life with an overarching plot and a medium-to-fast pace on most days. Players are super duper encouraged to come up with their own plots and events, and regains gained by the player characters (regardless of whether they're memory regains, item regains or power regains) could end up affecting the game's world itself — like during this month where someone's regain gave specific fruit faces. It was a fun time.

You can read more about the premise over here if you're interested, and take a look at our navigation to browse around. Applications won't be open until late in April, but reserves open on the 17th and we have an AU workshop going up on the 10th if you'd like to hash out your AU with other players. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll happily answer them!

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