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March EMP Meme


meme goes up on the last Saturday of every month


Put an ad up with the characters / crew / pairings / fetish you want for your game under the correct game header. This meme is primarily going to be focused on DWRP games but IJ and LJ games are allowed.

ABSOLUTELY NO obnoxious coding (no font size > size 4 or 3 "big" tags, no banners, no blinking text, no obnoxious tables, no sparklies, no pictures). Use all the colors you like, but please remember 3 "big" tags is the limit and that's only for headers or title text rather than for all the text in an ad.


RPers interested in a game can create a header for the game and ask questions about that game that aren't easy to find on faqs, such as the actual pace vs. what's listed/what kind of plots are run/if the game leans more towards plotty or slice of life/if a game leans more towards network or logs, etc. Both anon questions and anon answers are welcome in this section just like in the rest of the meme.

This thread is not for speaking about wank or drama in a game. There are anoncomms that exist for that. This thread is specifically for general questions about a game that rpers want to get perspective on from players already in the game. Answers can be slightly negative (such as saying app response is slow or that the plots are repetitive or similar things) but this should at least be worded politely. Unnecessary vitriol, any mention of personal drama or wank, or mod teams/individual mods/players being singled out, will be frozen and/or deleted.


Put up an ad about the characters you are offering. For PSL/1-on-1 ads, there is a separate subthread but for character ads for games, post directly to the meme post. Others will comment to you with the games/casts they want you to join.

There is a "Find a Castmate" section, where you can talk about a cast you play in at a game, and try to lure people to join it. Not all games post to the meme or have a "wanted" section, so players that want to tempt people to their cast on their own can use this section for it. Please format this the same as the PSL/1-on-1 section, where you post the canons in your subject. For the actual text of the ad you must use the "Find a Castmate" form provided at the bottom of this post so that these ads don't get huge. When listing who's currently in a cast, please do this in sentence form (with commas) rather than in list form.

ABSOLUTELY NO obnoxious coding, with the same rules as the Game Ads Section above.

If you're recommending a game to someone, try to match your suggestion to their needs. It's okay if part of your game rec is copy-pasted (such as what the game's about), but at least some part of the rec must be personalized to their ad. Try not to recommend the same game to every single ad, either. Ad spam that isn't individualized in some way will also be screened.


Don't be a dick. This isn't one of the anoncomms, so any snide comments or unnecessary commentary on the RP plans of others will be screened.


If there's trouble, tell me HERE, please!


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exculpable: (Default)

[personal profile] exculpable 2017-03-25 08:45 pm (UTC)(link)
- sasuke uchiha | naruto
- heisuke toudou | hakuouki

- slow to mid paced
- AC isn't overly demanding
- backtag friendly is good
- castmates are love, but not necessary
- sex games are fine (both are 18+)
- open to psls and/or memes as well
bunsofsteel: (smirk)

[personal profile] bunsofsteel 2017-03-25 09:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey there! I just app'd Tenten (canon point post-war, between chapters 699 & 700) as my second character to [community profile] lagunbiru and would love to see Sasuke! It's a fairly laid-back sex-game-in-space based around the idea of "kink bingo" -- basically a bingo card of kinky things that have to be filled for a character to get enough cash to buy a ticket home. AC is pretty easy at just ten comments a month. It's detailed here!

If Lagunbiru doesn't seem your thing, I'm always down for PSLs with other nardos.
exculpable: (pic#10936517)

[personal profile] exculpable 2017-03-25 10:19 pm (UTC)(link)
I'll take a look at it! And a chance to go home would be a good reason for him to actually do what he's told LOL

Also, I have to say that I absolutely love your username.
bunsofsteel: (YEAH)

[personal profile] bunsofsteel 2017-03-25 10:42 pm (UTC)(link)
LMAO right.... that's what I like about this game, it's very much a carrot instead of a stick approach for characters to Just Do It. And we have a really neat event starting at the beginning of April that deals with the 7 sins that I'm looking forward to for both my characters.

Also thanks!! The username I'm honestly most proud of... wipes tear
exculpable: (pic#11165129)

[personal profile] exculpable 2017-03-25 11:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Sticks are only good if they can be used as weapons, whereas carrots are a much healthier approach. :)

It's beautiful and you should be proud!

[personal profile] beautifulabs 2017-03-26 12:52 am (UTC)(link)
Hi! I'm one of the mods over at [community profile] imperturbatus and we have Sano and Shinpachi. We'd love a Heisuke to complete the trio~ If you're interested :3

Imp is a musebox/sandbox type deal with no ac, set in the world of Harry Potter. The kids go to Hogwarts and adults can either be teachers or part of the wizard world at large.
fireredspear: (grin)

[personal profile] fireredspear 2017-03-26 12:59 am (UTC)(link)

What a coincidence~ (Actually, it's not. I got linked to this by a sweetheart who wants me and my Shinpachi to have a Heisuke.)

Anyway. I'm not sure how much you're into Harry Potter, but we run this nice little HP themed sandbox called [community profile] imperturbatus. It's pretty slow paced and our occasional AC consists of a simple comment of "still here". We try to keep it gen, but since these are teenagers, we allow nsfw threads, if they're kept at the journal and / or your own private musebox. Backtagging is encouraged, you can play canon or HP AU and age your character up and down, to a reasonable degree. ^___^ All of that and I'd just love me a Heisuke. Sano needs bratty kids with teal eyes to drive him crazy lol.

Don't hesitate to ask anything and can I just....

futurewitness: we got drunk and threw a sword through his windshield. ([happy] you should've been there.)

[personal profile] futurewitness 2017-03-26 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
hi ri?

This will depend on your definition of "demanding" (30 tags a month, network counts here and not just logs so if you dick around on that at all I don't find it hard to hit). But if that is acceptable, and also small player caps (30) are acceptable, I am never going to stop crying at the world about how good [community profile] station72 is. Some people speedtag and some are slower, we're pretty accepting of different paces in general in my experience.

Congratulations, you are now part of an alien hivemind. When we're not leaking feelings all over each other, trying to kill each other because TOO MANY FEELINGS, or having other emotional crises, we also go on missions to fight a nasty force that wants to kill us or something. But mostly there are feelings everywhere and we call it the mental orgy game for a reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯