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Dipper Pines ([personal profile] captainbuzzkill) wrote in [personal profile] enablemeplz 2016-08-27 11:50 pm (UTC)

/slams into you at high speed

Hi! So I play Dip Dop here at [community profile] thelegion. It's a sci fi superhero game set in the far future of DC Comics. All the characters get superpowers and have to save basically all of existence against a threat from outside of time and space.

Some facts:

- slow to medium pace
- plotty, but with times for the characters to chill
- superpowers!
- a great tone that goes back and forth from serious to the characters laughing over the in-universe internet RPF fandom

The tagging a lot on weekends would probably be fine! I tend to tag that way myself and when school starts it'll be even more so. Also, a lot of the plots are split in ways where people are partnered in pairs or small groups so people can go at their own pace.

I'd really love to see Mabel there! Dip Dop is doing as okay as he can be at the hero thing, with good stuff and bad stuff happening, but he misses her pretty fiercely.

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