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meme goes up on the last Saturday of every month


Put an ad up with the characters / crew / pairings / fetish you want for your game under the correct game header. This meme is primarily going to be focused on DWRP games but IJ and LJ games are allowed.

ABSOLUTELY NO obnoxious coding (no font size > size 4 or 3 "big" tags, no banners, no blinking text, no obnoxious tables, no sparklies, no pictures). Use all the colors you like, but please remember 3 "big" tags is the limit and that's only for headers or title text rather than for all the text in an ad.


RPers interested in a game can create a header for the game and ask questions about that game that aren't easy to find on faqs, such as the actual pace vs. what's listed/what kind of plots are run/if the game leans more towards plotty or slice of life/if a game leans more towards network or logs, etc. Both anon questions and anon answers are welcome in this section just like in the rest of the meme.

This thread is not for speaking about wank or drama in a game. There are anoncomms that exist for that. This thread is specifically for general questions about a game that rpers want to get perspective on from players already in the game. Answers can be slightly negative (such as saying app response is slow or that the plots are repetitive or similar things) but this should at least be worded politely. Unnecessary vitriol, any mention of personal drama or wank, or mod teams/individual mods/players being singled out, will be frozen and/or deleted.


Put up an ad about the characters you are offering. For PSL/1-on-1 ads, there is a separate subthread but for character ads for games, post directly to the meme post. Others will comment to you with the games/casts they want you to join.

ABSOLUTELY NO obnoxious coding, with the same rules as the Game Ads Section above.

If you're recommending a game to someone, try to match your suggestion to their needs. Try not to recommend the same game to every single ad, either.


If there's trouble, tell us HERE, please!


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hissarfcaws: (shut up)

[personal profile] hissarfcaws 2016-08-27 10:46 pm (UTC)(link)
High Priority
Lance | Nameless ~The One Thing You Must Recall~
Eve (Code: Nemesis) | Elsword

Low Priority/Canon Review Needed
Haseo | .hack//G.U.
Add (Lunatic Psyker) | Elsword
Elsword (Rune Slayer) | Elsword
Vaati | The Legend of Zelda

... and potentially other characters on my muselist, but no guarantees.

Community-based games are preferred, but if there are somehow any journal-based games left I'd be willing to look at them.
Medium/slow-paced, backtag friendly would be best. I can be a bit slow at times but my usual turnaround for tags is a couple of days for prose.
DW games only, so no LJ/IJ.
I'm fine with or without a network! I love prose so prose-only games are A-OK with me.
Horror, AU, and memory loss are all fine!
Castmates are a bonus, but not necessary! Games that are friendly to LCWs would be preferred as well.
No smut games.
No pure Slice of Life games. A little SoL is fine, but I like games with plot or at least an interesting setting to explore.
I would prefer games without powerloss. Nerfing is fine, but removing powers completely isn't something I usually go for. AUs are an exception to this, for obvious reasons.
No forced humanization.
For Lance specifically, games where powers are retained but the focus isn't on combat or games where new powers can be obtained would be preferred! He's also the one I'm most interested in playing right now so :(
I am already playing at [community profile] thefarshore, so no need to rec me to that one.
no_light: (Default)

[personal profile] no_light 2016-08-28 01:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! It sounds like Tu Shanshu could be a good fit for you! It's slow to medium-paced, with metaplot that you can get involved in or not (you can even get personal plot lines to help advance it), and we have a lot of setting to explore. A colorful one, too, since we're stuck on the back of a giant turtle! No power loss, you can gain powers from other canons. While we have a network, we're very prose-heavy, and you could reasonably stick to prose only if you like.
commonest: (cough)

[personal profile] commonest 2016-08-29 01:13 am (UTC)(link)
Well I do like turtles :|a! It sounds like it might be what I'm looking for, so I'll definitely take a closer look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!
no_light: (Default)

[personal profile] no_light 2016-08-30 11:06 am (UTC)(link)
Yay! I hope it is what you are looking for, and good luck searching!
brightwitch: (Default)

[personal profile] brightwitch 2016-08-28 06:51 pm (UTC)(link)
May I offer [community profile] undergrounds? Slow-paced, AU urban fantasy game set in a version of London where various supernatural factions are competing for power. It doesn't have a network so you can write as much prose as your heart desires. Powers aren't nerfed either, although they might be adapted to the game setting. We're a small, tight-knit game, so LCWs are fine and loved. Feel free to check out the game ad if you'd like to find out more.
commonest: (icecream)

[personal profile] commonest 2016-08-29 01:07 am (UTC)(link)
I'm normally all for AUs and I have actually poked around at that one a few times, but for the main characters I'm considering right now I'd prefer to play them straight from canon, so an AU wouldn't work for me. That's more my fault though since I didn't really clarify in my preferences list, that's what I get for copypasting without checking it over orz

Thank you for the suggestion anyway, though! I have considered it a few times for a couple older muses of mine, so I'll be keeping an eye on it if I decide to pick one of them up again.
brightwitch: (Default)

[personal profile] brightwitch 2016-08-29 01:09 pm (UTC)(link)
No worries, best of luck with finding a game!
grandios: (sun)

[personal profile] grandios 2016-08-28 11:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Not a rec but a compliment♥ I loved playing with your Add and hope to tag you elsewhere ~
subtract: not everything is always what it seems (I-0069)

[personal profile] subtract 2016-08-29 12:48 am (UTC)(link)
aaaaaa I'm glad! I was really excited to see an Elesis, I rarely post in memes but I seriously struck gold when I decided to post there on a whim ;; Did you want to continue the thread or maybe start something fresh? I'm a bit of a slow tagger, but if you don't mind that I'd love to keep threading with you.

Also, I'm not sure if you're considering any games right now or if it would be up your alley, but I do currently play DiE!Add over at [community profile] thefarshore. There's also a potential Raven and an Elsword who might be apping in the near future, it'd be really cool if we could get some kind of cast going. I can give some more info on it if you think that might be interesting to you! Or if not, I could probably just hook you guys up because hey more Elsword players are always fun to have around, maybe you guys could get some more meme action going on too...
sterner: (Fʟᴀᴍᴇ Gᴇʏsᴇʀ)

[personal profile] sterner 2016-08-29 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
I'm not going to app whachu talking about

I totally do
grandios: (Default)

[personal profile] grandios 2016-08-29 03:50 pm (UTC)(link)
I would totally love to continue! Or start something fresh...Really all of the above |Da I went ahead and made accounts for all the second classes of Elesis too so if you have a red head you want to poke in particular just go ahead and say~

As for games or memes, I may just have to ask for the hookup right now, I'm in the process of moving and it may take a while for me to finally settle (and get internet for the house.)

But yes please, all the things♥