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Characters|Fandoms Offered
Elizabeth ‘Lizze’ Midford| Black Butler
Saya Otonashi | Blood +
Zero | Drakengard 3
Two | Drakengard 3
Re-L Mayer |Ergo Proxy
Major Motoko Kusanagi | Ghost in the Shell
Seras Victoria | Hellsing
Syrene | The Last Story
Nana '7' Saotome | Loveless
Osamu Kimizuka | Loveless
Yuiko Hawatari | Loveless
Nahiri | Magic: The Gathering
Chandra Nalaar | Magic: The Gathering
Faith Connors | Mirror's Edge
Shion Karanomori | Psycho Pass
Yayoi Kunizuka | Psycho Pass
Nilin Cartier-Wells | Remember Me
Holo | Spice and Wolf
Hokuto Sumeragi | Tokyo Babylon
Robin Sena | Witch Hunter Robin

Not sexually based for younger muses.
Slow to medium pace.
Community Based.

Also I'm up for 1-on-1 if there's someone you're interested in.

Current Games:
[community profile] rubycity_rp
[community profile] lethevale - Reserves Open, Opens Halloween

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