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heavy metal broke my heart ([personal profile] midousuji) wrote in [personal profile] enablemeplz 2016-09-24 10:32 pm (UTC)

yuno gasai ➝ mirai nikki / future diary
lara croft (survivor timeline) ➝ tomb raider
alice liddel ➝ american mcgee's alice
homura akemi ➝ puella magi madoka magica
yomi takanashi ➝ black rock shooter
dead master ➝ black rock shooter

✔ i'm open to game offers, memes, and psling.
✔ i'm cool with any pace.
✔ game size isn't a concern for me, either!
✔ i'm fine with waiting on character and/or app slots to open up.
✔ castmates aren't a make or break deal for me.
✔ genre isn't a huge concern for me. i'll look into almost anything, with a few exceptions.

✘ not looking for a sex game or a shipping game.
✘ nothing exclusively sol. some sol is cool, but if that's the premise of the game, i'm not interested. i'm sorry!
✘ i'm okay with powerloss, but something that lets characters regain or retain some of it would be cool! power nerfing is totally fine.
✘ please don't send me a copypaste ad haha...ha

please note: these offers are tentative and while i'm game shopping at the moment, i'm not looking to app anywhere immediately. i'm presently already in [community profile] forestcovered.

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