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☠ Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider | Agents of SHIELD (MCU)

(SPOILERS:) MCU's version of the Ghost Rider believes he made a deal with the devil: the way he tells it, he sold his soul in order to get vengeance on the gangbangers who killed him and crippled his brother in a drive-by. When he got his revenge by wiping out the whole gang responsible, he was surprised to find the "demon" who gave him the power to do so didn't go away, which led him to over the next couple years make a habit of settling other people's scores for them in attempt to appease the Rider, and maybe even make it leave. He accomplished this generally by terrorizing and murdering criminals all over East LA, especially violent & sexual offenders. He's a very, very aggressively protective big brother and mechanic by day, flaming, homicidal skeleton vigilante by night.

☠ PSLs or meme threads! He doesn't have enough info to be played in an actual game yet but I'm So Excited so here we are. One offs just as welcome as long term/multi-thread shenanigans!
☠ Love both shipping and gen. Slight preference for action/drama over domestics/fluff but definitely still open to either.
☠ Would be most interested in bouncing him off superheros/vigilantes & religious characters.
☠ Would looove to have him have to compromise his hardline murder-every-badguy stance in order to work with or for a villain character, but it would require some plotting.

☠ Chato Santana/El Diablo (Suicide Squad/DCEU) spooky scary (fire) skeletons unite! This is probably my most shallow desire but I want it ahhh
☠ Jesse Custer (Preacher) man sometimes you just gotta go a lil nuts with your accidental divine/demonic powers, you know?
☠ Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Daredevil/MCU) because there are clearly not enough homicidal vigilantes with rage issues in Matt's life. I feel like the religion angle would be super interesting?
☠ Castmates!! Anyone and everyone from Agents of SHIELD of the MCU in general. Or the comics! But MCU Robbie is a very different beast than 616 Robbie so far so keep that in mind.
☠ Other Ghost Riders??
☠ Angels/demons maybe?
☠ Just, anything. Yes. Please.

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