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Hello! I'm sorry I wasn't able to follow up on things last month. I had to move and a lot of other things after the storm. But I'm still open to suggestions.

Characters|Fandoms Offered
Zero from Drakengard 3
Two from Drakengard 3
Re-L Mayer from Ergo Proxy
Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell
Seras Victoria from Hellsing
Elizabeth Midford from Kuroshitsuji
Syrene from The Last Story
Nana '7' Saotome from Loveless
Yuiko Hawatari from Loveless
Nahiri from Magic: The Gathering
Chandra Nalaar from Magic: The Gathering
Shion Karanomori from Psycho Pass
Yayoi Kunizuka from Psycho Pass
Holo from Spice and Wolf
Hokuto Sumeragi from Tokyo Babylon
Robin Sena from Witch Hunter Robin

Not sexually based for younger muses.
Slow to medium pace.
Community Based.

Also I'm up for 1-on-1 and AU if there's someone specific you're interested in.

Current Games:
[community profile] rubycity_rp - Osamu Kimizuka & Elizabeth Midford
[community profile] lethevale - NPC & Syrenne

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