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nathan "a dick is not worth it" drake ([personal profile] sketchycharacter) wrote in [personal profile] enablemeplz 2016-11-27 01:41 am (UTC)


[game]: [community profile] savrou
[fandom]: Uncharted
[game's current cast]: Nathan Drake (tall), Nathan Drake (small and CRAU), Elena Fisher, Victor Sullivan (and no guarantees of course, but a friend plans to app Chloe Frazer)
[who I play]: Nathan Drake
[wanted]: I would DESPERATELY LOVE to have a Sam Drake, Harry Flynn, Charlie Cutter, Nadine Ross, Rafe Adler but also basically anyone since I can think of like 15 different fun things to do with them all.
[game info]: Savrou is a SPACE GAME but the ship just crashed and died on the planet it's been trying to reach for a while, whoops. I suspect that will not put an end to the travel, though. Anyway, up to now it's alternated between deep-space ship shenanigans and stops on different planets, so even in a relatively confined space there's been lots of chances for this treasure hunter to go exploring, which I love. On average, the tone of the game tilts more toward serious, but not to the point that there's no room for fun. (Nate's second ever network post was a drawing making fun of drama in another cast, for instance.) There are generally two mod-posted events/logs posted per month and this has varied from extremely open freeform stuff to personalized setups as they experiment with what works best. Player plots also occur fairly regularly. AC is very easy but players can also earn bonus AC for IC rewards.

tl;dr I'm having GOOD TIMES in this game, please come and join me! The calendar isn't up yet, but apps will happen again in December.

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