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Laughing Beauty "LB" | Laughing Octopus ([personal profile] fuckinghysterical) wrote in [personal profile] enablemeplz 2016-11-27 02:10 am (UTC)

• Shinobu Jacobs | No More Heroes 2
• Ana Amari (60 year old badass flavor) | Overwatch
• Laughing Beauty | Metal Gear Solid 4

• Dreamwidth + comm based
• Plotty games are A+ (especially those with a lot of combat opportunities)! A little bit of SoL here and there is fine, but too much won't hold my interest.
• Medium pace sounds ideal, but open to checking out other games. That said, games with backtagging would definitely be preferable.
• Kind of eh on horror games, but I'll look at games that might have a more original premise than your typical horror game.
• Smut games are okay for Laughing Beauty, but not the other two (you whippersnappers couldn't HANDLE the 60 year old anyway).
• No memory loss or games where you have to AU the character history
• Castmates are awesome, but definitely not required.

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