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D.VA ([personal profile] dva) wrote in [personal profile] enablemeplz 2016-11-27 02:15 am (UTC)

o f f e r i n g
• rin tohsaka | fate/
• junko enoshima | dangan ronpa
• elizabeth (any version) | bioshock infinite
• emily kaldwin | dishonored 2
• fiona | tales from the borderlands
• mercy | overwatch

p r e f s
• medium or fast paced games, please!
• love plot - no pure SOL unless there's a castmate, i'd say!
• that said, castmates are loved.
• i'm okay with sex games! try and sell me on 'em.
• no memory loss games, though.
• i'm also open for psls of the shippy and smutty variety! i'm weak, y'all. but i am also down for gen psls as long as we can get an idea in mind for plot! :)
• also, already checking out [community profile] futurology, so no worries there.

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