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Hello, Hello! I'm Juu and I play at [community profile] maskormenace with Kaneki (post-OEK)and in game we currently have Hinami (from the first manga, she isn't from :Re). And of course we would love a Touka, no matter what version or canon point c:

Mask or Menace (MoM) is a super-hero game; characters are brought in to a world like Earth and they are given super-powers (preferably the same powers a character has in canon, but you can modify or add new. For example, Hinami is a ghoul, but also able to eat human food) and characters asked to help AMERICA to go against Russia & Allies in a Cold war that never ended. Characters can accept and become heroes, refuse and be neutral, or become vigilantes, or just downright villains. The game plot revolves around this, with spies and brainwashing, among other things, though you can always opt-out. There are a lot of player plots to be involved with as well, from serious action deal like fighting dragons, to slice-of-life like paintball wars!

The pacing is medium, everyone is super backtag friendly, and AC is two forms of activity with 2 posts/logs OR 3 comments in two logs OR two 15 comments threads (and of course, any combination of those). Let me know if you have any questions!

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