pellegri: (06)
Pellegri ([personal profile] pellegri) wrote in [personal profile] enablemeplz 2017-02-17 02:05 am (UTC)

haha oh man that was so long ago, but she'd still appreciate it. :'D DEEP down inside.

also, sorry it took so long to get back to you, I got hit with an amazing flu/bronchitis combo and fell off the earth for a while. BUT, the desire to make a musebox game hit me today, so I don't know if you'd be interested, but I plan to throw some of my xenos in it.

I made a plurk about it AND A POLL so I can try to make it into something that will be fun for more people than just myself.

BUT, if that doesn't appeal to you I'm up for whatever else! There's always the old xenobox [community profile] umn that died. haha. and if you wanna be plurk friends again, I'm at [ profile] urtv now!

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