misplacedxsheath: (Hmmm...I'll consider it.)
Margulis ([personal profile] misplacedxsheath) wrote in [personal profile] enablemeplz 2017-02-17 02:27 am (UTC)

OU, TVK didn't allow AUs. AU!Pellegri would be really pleased with this Margulis, though. He's basically decided that all the political chaos back home is irrelevant and probably orchestrated by Wilhelm anyway, so...fresh start. (Except for Uzuki being an idiot, but that's just objective fact.)

Airlocked is the only game I'm in right now, BUT I have apped Margulis to a game inspired by Dragon Called. With the most beautiful abomination of a spirit partner.

Antibiotics are hopefully helping, but I think I need to eat more yogurt.

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