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jade harley ([personal profile] clamberlass) wrote in [personal profile] enablemeplz 2017-03-25 08:21 pm (UTC)

JADE HARLEY | homestuck
HOMURA AKEMI | puella magi madoka magica (note: comes in pre episode 10, series, post tv and rebellion flavors if you'd like!)
LARA CROFT | tomb raider 2013

player is 18+ so age caps are not a problem.
open to most genres and game types - aside from sex games, which i don't have an interest in. i'm sorry for any inconveniences that might cause!
which means i'm fine with au, memloss and so forth.
i'm open to any pace but i'll admit that something that's backtag friendly would appeal to me most.
comm based and dw only, please.
power nerfing is fine, i'm open to full humanization but wouldn't really like to lose jade's dog ears if i can help it. it's not a deal breaker, though.
castmates are awesome but absolutely not a requirement!
i already have jade in [community profile] recolle, and i've already got plans for a second app to the game, so i'm not looking to be enabled for that at the moment, sorry!!
i'm also open to psls and memes!!!

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