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January EMP Meme


meme goes up on the last Saturday of every month


Put an ad up with the characters / crew / pairings / fetish you want for your game under the correct game header. This meme is primarily going to be focused on DWRP games but IJ and LJ games are allowed.

ABSOLUTELY NO obnoxious coding (no font size > size 4 or 3 "big" tags, no banners, no blinking text, no obnoxious tables, no sparklies, no pictures). Use all the colors you like, but please remember 3 "big" tags is the limit and that's only for headers or title text rather than for all the text in an ad.


RPers interested in a game can create a header for the game and ask questions about that game that aren't easy to find on faqs, such as the actual pace vs. what's listed/what kind of plots are run/if the game leans more towards plotty or slice of life/if a game leans more towards network or logs, etc. Both anon questions and anon answers are welcome in this section just like in the rest of the meme.

This thread is not for speaking about wank or drama in a game. There are anoncomms that exist for that. This thread is specifically for general questions about a game that rpers want to get perspective on from players already in the game. Answers can be slightly negative (such as saying app response is slow or that the plots are repetitive or similar things) but this should at least be worded politely. Unnecessary vitriol, any mention of personal drama or wank, or mod teams/individual mods/players being singled out, will be frozen and/or deleted.


Put up an ad about the characters you are offering. For PSL/1-on-1 ads, there is a separate subthread but for character ads for games, post directly to the meme post. Others will comment to you with the games/casts they want you to join.

There is a "Find a Castmate" section, where you can talk about a cast you play in at a game, and try to lure people to join it. Not all games post to the meme or have a "wanted" section, so players that want to tempt people to their cast on their own can use this section for it. Please format this the same as the PSL/1-on-1 section, where you post the canons in your subject. For the actual text of the ad you must use the "Find a Castmate" form provided at the bottom of this post so that these ads don't get huge. When listing who's currently in a cast, please do this in sentence form (with commas) rather than in list form.

ABSOLUTELY NO obnoxious coding, with the same rules as the Game Ads Section above.

If you're recommending a game to someone, try to match your suggestion to their needs. It's okay if part of your game rec is copy-pasted (such as what the game's about), but at least some part of the rec must be personalized to their ad. Try not to recommend the same game to every single ad, either. Ad spam that isn't individualized in some way will also be screened.


Don't be a dick. This isn't one of the anoncomms, so any snide comments or unnecessary commentary on the RP plans of others will be screened.


If there's trouble, tell me HERE, please!


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lazdo: (Default)

[personal profile] lazdo 2017-01-28 10:55 pm (UTC)(link)

codename:sailor v & sailor moon : minako aino
dramatical murder : sei
zelda: ocarina of time : zelda (as sheik)

* small to medium-sized games
* no SoL
* castmates not required
* open to smut games for sei only
* no power loss preferred
serperior: (✄ wavelengths of software hearts)

[personal profile] serperior 2017-01-29 12:37 am (UTC)(link)
Jun | Pokemon (Diamond and Pearl Adventure!)
Crow | Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
Fran Bow Dagenhart | Fran Bow
Mary | IB
Rouka Numachi | Monogatari
Eruna Ichinomiya | Mikagura School Suite
Shuuya Kano | Kagerou Project

dreamwidth only
any premise is fine except for smut
slow to medium pace, or provides easy AC/backtag friendliness
determinedest: (* They walk not the middle road.)

[personal profile] determinedest 2017-01-29 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
heyo!! I'd like to recommend [community profile] entranceway if you're interested! It's a Wonderland-based game in which events are drawn from characters' memories. There's an engaging metaplot and AC is bimonthly, so nearly everyone is willing to backtag into infinity if need be!

I for one would kind of love to see a Mary there. I can't promise castmates, but we've got a sizable cast from Undertale and a couple from OFF, so we'd be delighted to add another to our growing family of RPG characters!

We've got a TDM right over here if you're interested!

(no subject)

[personal profile] portraitor - 2017-01-30 01:01 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] determinedest - 2017-01-30 01:49 (UTC) - Expand
goldsteins: (0010041)

[personal profile] goldsteins 2017-01-29 01:27 am (UTC)(link)
Porpentina Goldstein | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Clementine | TellTale's: The Walking Dead
Spencer Reid | Criminal Minds

* Dreamwidth only
* Memloss/alteration is okay
* No forced AU
* Any premise for Tina or Spence, no smut for Clem
* No powerloss preferred, but am fine either way
* Any pace, but backtag friendly if need be
* no pure SoL
* Castmates not necessary, but nice
Edited 2017-01-29 01:28 (UTC)
redarrowqueen: (Default)

[personal profile] redarrowqueen 2017-01-29 01:45 am (UTC)(link)
Places a vote for Medietas! We do have Morgan and Emily for Reid so he's among cast/friends, backtag friendly with easy AC at 4 log/8 network comments a month, SoL with plot and player events and a good pace but can kick up during events/plot.

Porpentina would also be welcome but no Fantastic Beasts cast is game.

(no subject)

[personal profile] goldsteins - 2017-01-29 01:55 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] redarrowqueen - 2017-01-29 01:59 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] tesuji - 2017-01-29 03:29 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] redarrowqueen - 2017-01-29 03:32 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] tesuji - 2017-01-29 03:32 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] redarrowqueen - 2017-01-29 03:38 (UTC) - Expand
lux_in_tenebris: (lay aside your fears)

[personal profile] lux_in_tenebris 2017-01-29 01:54 am (UTC)(link)
[character offered]: Lunafreya Nox Fleuret
[fandom]: Final Fantasy XV
- horror
- plot
- small to medium size games
- castmates would be a plus!
- smut is okay
- no memory or power loss
- easy AC
- backtag friendly
- no pure SoL
onlydoubts: (Default)

[personal profile] onlydoubts 2017-01-29 02:19 am (UTC)(link)
[character offered]: Bodhi Rook
[fandom]: Rogue One: A War in our Stars Story

+ Horror/sci-fi settings
+ Not too slice of lifey
+ Back-tag friendly
+ Slow-medium pace
+ No smut
+ On DW

Castmates are nice but the lack of is not a deal breaker for me.
hero_with_no_fear: (Default)

[personal profile] hero_with_no_fear 2017-01-29 01:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Going to drop a suggestion for [community profile] thefleet_net here. We fit what you're looking for. It's a sci-fi setting - it takes place aboard a fleet of alien ships. We have a good SW cast going, but none from the latest SW installment yet (and we'd all love to play with you). We are a smaller game and are slow to medium paced. AC is easy.

We do have a TDM if you want to try us out.

(no subject)

[personal profile] fulcra - 2017-01-29 22:51 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] onlydoubts - 2017-01-30 01:46 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] jumpthegun - 2017-02-01 04:20 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] onlydoubts - 2017-02-01 18:59 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] jumpthegun - 2017-02-01 19:08 (UTC) - Expand
trainspotter: (Default)

[personal profile] trainspotter 2017-01-29 02:19 am (UTC)(link)
ned wynert | assassin's creed: syndicate
credence barebone | fantastic beasts
favaro leone | rage of bahamut: genesis

-probably not sex games except for favaro
-not interested in sol AU games or AU without regains
-something not too scifi since they're all old-timey types would be best
Edited 2017-01-29 14:47 (UTC)
shakesperience: (Sneak)

[personal profile] shakesperience 2017-01-29 03:12 am (UTC)(link)
+Pearl | Steven Universe
+Sam Wilson | MCU
+Kaldur'ahm | Young Justice
+Setsuna Meioh | Sailor Moon
+Rip Hunter | Legends of Tomorrow
+Jason Grace | Heroes of Olympus

+small to medium-sized games
+slow-medium paced
+limited slice of life, I need plot/action/a purpose
+power loss negotiable
+memory loss accepted, if memories can be recovered
+castmates a plus, but not required
+dw games only
+no smut games
redarrowqueen: (Default)

[personal profile] redarrowqueen 2017-01-29 03:18 am (UTC)(link)
Medietas for Sam, Jason and Rip! All of them have cast (movies and Netflix for Sam and several from both DCTV and Percy Jackson) and while there is SoL there's also ongoing plots ranging from an upcoming tourney to rain messed with people's emotions. Pace is about a 6 but can pick up during events plots. AC is 4 log/8 network comments a month.

(no subject)

[personal profile] shakesperience - 2017-01-29 03:22 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] redarrowqueen - 2017-01-29 03:30 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] shakesperience - 2017-01-29 03:32 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] determinedest - 2017-01-29 03:48 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] starseedling - 2017-01-29 23:16 (UTC) - Expand
talentedscavenger: (Default)

[personal profile] talentedscavenger 2017-01-29 04:32 am (UTC)(link)
Characters offered:
Wanda Maximoff || MCU
Sarah Manning || Orphan Black
Rey || Star Wars: The Force Awakens

-Slow to medium pace. Backtagging is great too.
-Prefer PSLs over games, but willing to look into them.
-DW based.
-Castmates would be greatly appreciated.
-Up for Cross-canons and/or AUs.
-Smut is optional.
hero_with_no_fear: (Default)

[personal profile] hero_with_no_fear 2017-01-29 01:12 pm (UTC)(link)
For a game suggestion, I have one [community profile] thefleet_net. We have a good SW cast. We'd love a Rey to play against! But we'd love your other characters, too, branching into new fandoms is also fun (we are very open for cross-canon interactions).

It's a sci-fi setting, it takes place aboard a fleet of alien ships. Meta Powers are zeroed upon arrival, however, there is a game mechanism for regaining them. AC is easy. We are slow to medium paced.

We do have a TDM, if you want to give us a try.
allthetalent: (☂ i'd rather be anything but ordinary)

[personal profile] allthetalent 2017-01-29 04:58 am (UTC)(link)
Makoto Kino | Sailor Moon
Kamui | Gintama
Masaomi Kida | Durarara!!

Small/Medium pace
Minimal slice of life
No permanent memory loss
Smut, horror, AU, etc. a-okay
proxied_truth: (Default)

[personal profile] proxied_truth 2017-01-29 05:25 am (UTC)(link)
[character offered]: Re-L Mayer
[fandom]: Ergo Proxy
[preferences]: I would prefer for it not be a sex based game. Other than that, anything else would be alright.
tender_hope: (Peek)

[personal profile] tender_hope 2017-01-29 05:34 am (UTC)(link)
Character | Fandom | Journal
Yuiko Hawatari | Loveless | [personal profile] tender_hope
Osamu Kimizuka | Loveless | [profile] not_so_secret
Hokuto Sumeragi | Tokyo Babylon | [personal profile] actuates
Shion Karanomori | Psycho Pass | [personal profile] smoking_analyst

-A small to medium game
-Chance for character involvement in plot
-No permanent memory loss
-DW Games only please
Edited 2017-01-29 05:35 (UTC)
sciencelizard: (« [Shy] I'm not that great...)

[personal profile] sciencelizard 2017-01-29 07:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Drive-by screaming that someone plays Hokuto omg, so few people remember Tokyo Babylon AND ESP HER I am cry...

That being said, I'd love to see her in [community profile] entranceway! We're an old school jamjar based on Alice In Wonderland where the plot revolves around the character's memories (though not a memloss game). There's an overarching modplot and the ability to submit events based on your character's worlds! AC is bimonthly, we're a slow and steady pace and people will backtag forEVER ngl

We just had a new test drive meme go up over here if you're interested!

(Anonymous) 2017-01-29 05:52 am (UTC)(link)
Princess Allura | Voltron: Legendary Defender

I would prefer it be in a game where she would keep her memories intact, though this not a hard rule. Also please do not offer any sex-based games for her as I am not comfortable with attempting that with her at this time. Other that I would be honored for any invitations and offers, and will certainly be sure to look into them all.

(Anonymous) 2017-01-29 09:09 pm (UTC)(link)
[community profile] empatheias fits that and has all five paladins!
supermanda: (Default)

[personal profile] supermanda 2017-01-29 07:02 am (UTC)(link)
offering ♡

Anime • InuYasha : Sango / Kagome
Final Fantasy • FFXII : Fran
Spyro Ripto's Rage! : Elora
The Powerpuff Girls : Blossom

check list ;

plot-based / interactive worldbuild
medium sized + please include an explanation of the ac :3
backtag friendly
castmates are a lovely bonus!
memory loss
games outside of dw

Note: I am currently working overseas, so I guess you could say I am just window shopping, for now. I'd like to know what kinds of games are out there, as well as who is out there in terms of muses, and be presented with some games that I could look into apping for the next cycle :D
umbrelly: (10)

[personal profile] umbrelly 2017-01-29 09:44 am (UTC)(link)
[character offered]: edna
[fandom]: tales of zestiria
[preferences]: slow to medium games which are backtag-friendly. DW only. Castmates are a huge plus!
Edited 2017-01-29 09:45 (UTC)

(Anonymous) 2017-01-29 01:06 pm (UTC)(link)
[community profile] sol_raveh has a big Zestiria cast! It's slow to medium pace, very back tag friendly. if you're interested, I can give you an invite.

(no subject)

[personal profile] umbrelly - 2017-01-30 01:36 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2017-01-30 03:38 (UTC) - Expand
jonn: (HH105036071)

[personal profile] jonn 2017-01-29 10:01 am (UTC)(link)
  • J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter | Supergirl (TV)/DCTV
  • seeking
  • mainly looking for a game but would also love memes/psls with other superhero media style characters
  • no memloss/powerloss/au games
  • preferably no crazy scramble app situations (ie, those you-gotta-get-it-in-the-first-10-minutes-apps-are-open-or-you'll-miss-the-cap games)
  • would be more interested in gen than smut games but not completely against the latter
  • anywhere with lots of adult characters would be gr8! Not looking for a place that's mostly kids/teens.
  • redarrowqueen: (15)

    [personal profile] redarrowqueen 2017-01-29 10:34 am (UTC)(link)
    Placing a vote for Medietas! We have Kara from Supergirl proper plus Thea from Arrow and several from The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow (plus several from DC itself). AC is a snap at 4 log/8 network comments and pace is decent but can kick up during events/plot.

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] jonn - 2017-01-30 11:35 (UTC) - Expand

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] redarrowqueen - 2017-01-30 12:05 (UTC) - Expand

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] jonn - 2017-01-30 12:08 (UTC) - Expand
    laughitup: (Default)

    [personal profile] laughitup 2017-01-29 02:42 pm (UTC)(link)
    [character offered]: Han Solo
    [fandom]: Star Wars

    •medium-sized, medium-paced
    •castmates a plus, especially from the OT
    •mixture of SoL and plots
    •smut-friendly but not smut-centric
    •no permanent memory loss
    starseedling: (unrealistic expectations about hair)

    [personal profile] starseedling 2017-01-29 11:20 pm (UTC)(link)
    [community profile] lostcarnival is good for your preferences, though we do not currently have a Star Wars cast (though it would be awesome too.) It's about an inter-dimensional travelling carnival that people get indebted into working for. It's smut friendly, has a mix of SOL and event plots, and is probably medium sized? What that means varies from person to person, but we have 40-50 characters at the moment and about 30 players.

    We have an ad up here!

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] laughitup - 2017-01-30 14:22 (UTC) - Expand

    (no subject)

    (Anonymous) - 2017-02-01 18:21 (UTC) - Expand
    couldkillthedevil: (Default)

    [personal profile] couldkillthedevil 2017-01-29 02:59 pm (UTC)(link)
    Chloe Decker | Lucifer
    Dr. Linda Martin | Lucifer

    - DW only
    - castmates awesome but not required
    - slow/medium pace, backtag friendly
    - preferably something that isn't exclusively SOL; i'm interested in plot.
    - no AUs/memory loss, please. other than that i'm open to all kinds of genres.
    - 18+ games are okay.
    - i'm down for PSLs/memes, too; just shoot me a PM if interested!
    hellicious: (Default)

    [personal profile] hellicious 2017-01-29 10:42 pm (UTC)(link)
    I have an offer for you. >>

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] couldkillthedevil - 2017-01-29 22:45 (UTC) - Expand

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] hellicious - 2017-01-29 22:51 (UTC) - Expand

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] couldkillthedevil - 2017-01-29 22:53 (UTC) - Expand

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] hellicious - 2017-01-29 22:56 (UTC) - Expand

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] couldkillthedevil - 2017-01-29 23:05 (UTC) - Expand

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] hellicious - 2017-01-29 23:06 (UTC) - Expand

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] couldkillthedevil - 2017-01-29 23:08 (UTC) - Expand

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] hellicious - 2017-01-29 23:09 (UTC) - Expand

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] couldkillthedevil - 2017-01-29 23:09 (UTC) - Expand
    beccastareyes: Image of Sam from LotR. Text: loyal (Default)

    [personal profile] beccastareyes 2017-01-29 05:25 pm (UTC)(link)
    Aang -- Avatar: the Last Airbender
    Toph Beifong -- Avatar: the Last Airbender
    Wasp/Janet Van Dyne -- Marvel: Avengers Academy
    Zelgadis Graywords -- Slayers

    Some book characters (see muselist)
    Various OCs

    My full muselist

    I may be able to try other characters from fandoms I play in, if you ask.

    -- Slow to medium game. I sometimes can comment only once or twice a week. (I am working on this.)
    -- Small AC requirements. 15 comments would be a hard ceiling, and I'd prefer less. (I am okay with AC that rewards more, but I'd rather not be booted if I have a slow month.)
    -- Strong mod-driven plot elements. I'm not the best at driving plot, but I am trying to improve.
    -- Open cross-canon CR.
    -- Canonmates (if possible).
    -- Uninterested in mandatory sex game.
    -- Would prefer opt-out/opt-in for horror elements. (I don't mind them, but I like being able to disengage when I need to).
    -- I'm unlikely to go for AU or memory loss at this time.
    -- Feel free to offer games that won't open for apps this month: I am looking because my main game is ending in a few months.
    -- I am test-driving Zel at Empatheias.
    redarrowqueen: (Default)

    [personal profile] redarrowqueen 2017-01-30 12:08 pm (UTC)(link)
    The Avatar crew would be great to see at Medietas! AC is a breeze at 4 log/8 network comments a month, we do have a castmate, plot is pretty steady as well as pace (about a 6 but can kick up during events/major plots).

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] beccastareyes - 2017-01-30 19:53 (UTC) - Expand

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] redarrowqueen - 2017-01-30 19:59 (UTC) - Expand
    ahogay: (pic#10987820)

    [personal profile] ahogay 2017-01-30 01:19 am (UTC)(link)
    Hajime Hinata | Dangan Ronpa (DR3 Kibou-hen)

    - Dreamwidth only
    - Medium paced
    - Easy AC/backtag friendly
    - No memory or power loss
    - Castmates preferred but not required
    osteothropy: by neje@tumblr (i've trademarked the term)

    [personal profile] osteothropy 2017-01-30 02:04 am (UTC)(link)
    Hey there! I personally don't know a ton about DR, but [community profile] lostcarnival has a Chiaki! It's a game about an interdimensional carnival people get indebted into working for.

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] ahogay - 2017-01-30 02:21 (UTC) - Expand

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] osteothropy - 2017-01-30 02:25 (UTC) - Expand
    tokunagamaster: (Uuum okay yeah)

    [personal profile] tokunagamaster 2017-01-30 04:35 am (UTC)(link)
    ♥ Anise Tatlin | ToA
    ♥ Nanako Dojima | P4
    ♥ Yachiru Kusajishi | Bleach
    ♥ Ravi Chakrabarti (Canon reviewing) | iZombie
    ♥ Road Camelot | DGM
    ♥ (Maybe) Noa | Legend of Legaia
    ♥ (Maybe) Subaru Sumeragi | Tokyo Babylon
    ♥ (Maybe) Akira Ijyuin | CCD
    ♥ Toko Fukawa/ Genocide Jill (Syo) Dangan Ronnpa

    ♪ Small to medium sized
    ♪ Mem loss okay
    ♪ Back tag friendly
    ♪ Comm Based
    ♪ Slow to medium pace
    Edited 2017-01-30 04:38 (UTC)
    sciencelizard: (« [Head Tilt] Good Food & Good Friends)

    [personal profile] sciencelizard 2017-01-30 05:37 am (UTC)(link)
    We have small P4 and Dangan Ronpa casts over at [community profile] entranceway that I'm sure would appreciate Nanako or Fukawa! It's an Alice In Wonderland-based jamjar with an overarching modplot based on character's memories. You can also submit events based on your character's worlds! AC is bimonthly, we're slow and steady on posts (though it'll pick up twice or so a month during events), and nearly everyone in the game backtags forever. Applications are processed weekly so you can also feel free to jump in whenever!

    We just had a new test drive go up here if you're interested!

    (I'd also put forward a personal vote for Subaru, because ding dang darn I love Tokyo Babylon and I'd love to see him around and MAYBE HAPPY FOR ONCE, EVER)
    talktothestand: (Default)

    [personal profile] talktothestand 2017-01-30 04:44 am (UTC)(link)
    Ok, I'm trying this again since last time was a bad time as health/IRL reasons came out of nowhere hit me like a truck and... yeah.


    Shinji Ikari | Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Okuyasu Nijimura | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

    - Cast mates are good, but I am ok with being the lone canon warrior. Though saying there's a Josuke for Okuyasu or Kaworu for Shinji will be a good reel-in for me. ;]
    - slow-to medium pace, backtag friendly! Manageable AC requirements.
    - I like slice of life, but I also like fantasy-genre. I used to play in Asgard Eventide, if that helps any. Horror, I could probably do.
    - No AU/memory loss games. A game where character's canon abilities can be allowed/slightly nerfed down, in Okuyasu's case.
    - No sex games.
    - I more than encourage private or musebox RP!
    wille: (Default)

    [personal profile] wille 2017-01-30 02:22 pm (UTC)(link)
    reaches for shinji... i have no kaworu to offer but i rp misato over at [community profile] station72

    ngl i'm hesitant to aggressively enable you to the game cause of the 30-character cap which means a super long wait in the queue but! i'm always up for psl!! i'm so happy to see fellow nge rpers floating around lemme tell you :>

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] starseedling - 2017-01-30 14:32 (UTC) - Expand
    tickety_boo: (Default)

    [personal profile] tickety_boo 2017-01-31 04:02 am (UTC)(link)
    [character offered]: Three/Marcus Boone (Dark Matter), a couple of OCs
    [rp you're offering for / rp type you'd wanna play in]:
    slow/medium pace game
    not interested in smut
    OC friendly, of course!
    no primarily slice-of-life
    easy AC

    Thinking about getting back to RP. I'm not absolutely certain I'd app right away, as I'm going to school right now, but I am curious if there's anything out there I might fit in.

    Also, Three needs canon review, but I do want to play him somewhere. :3

    dedikated: (28 | ᴛʜɪs ᴍᴀɢɪᴄ ɪɴ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴇʏᴇs)

    [personal profile] dedikated 2017-02-09 02:28 pm (UTC)(link)
    Your OCs and prefs would definitely fit with what we've got on offer at [community profile] hadriel. The February app round has just closed, but apps open for the first week of every month. It's a medium paced game, I'd say, with AC of 10 log comments/20 network comments and is focused on the characters surviving in an underground city while the NPCs/Gods mess with their emotions so they can get power.

    As for OC friendly... let's just say I have more tags than I know what to do with at any one time.

    If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask me!
    looks_painful: (You're too weak!)

    [personal profile] looks_painful 2017-01-31 08:49 am (UTC)(link)
    *Kate Hoshimiya - Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda
    *Mirai - Senran Kagura
    *Murasaki - Senran Kagura
    *Yagyu - Senran Kagura
    *Marona - Phantom Brave
    *Sachiko Shinozaki - Corpse Party
    *Ram - Neptunia Series
    *Vert - Neptunia Series
    *Histoire - Neptunia Series
    *Remilia Scarlet - Touhou Project
    *Suika Ibuki - Touhou Project
    *Mamizou Futatsuiwa - Touhou Project
    *Shinmyoumaru Sukuna - Touhou Project
    *Wilbell voll-Erslied - Atelier Dusk Series

    [rp you're offering for / rp type you'd wanna play in]: A game that doesn't move at the speed of sound leaving me behind with my head spinning!

    *Prefer no memory loss games, the concept doesn't seem that interesting.
    *Same with power loss.
    *Very few characters are suitable for 'adult' games. (Too tinycute!)
    *Like I mentioned above, not suuuper fast-paced.
    *The (vice) admiral is a woman.

    massacreangel: (05)

    [personal profile] massacreangel 2017-01-31 06:33 pm (UTC)(link)

    Zack | Satsuriku no Tenshi/Angels of Death


    Small to medium sized game
    No smut games. All other game types are fine, horror especially.
    Easy AC/backtag friendly
    Castmates not required but are a plus.
    violentae: all icons by <user name="delectate"> (pic#10999496)

    [personal profile] violentae 2017-01-31 07:19 pm (UTC)(link)

    clarke griffin | the 100
    dolores abernathy | westworld
    dr. carol marcus | star trek: aos
    mina murray/mirena | dracula untold


    ✔ dreamwidth only
    ✔ open to any type of genre - horror, scifi, sex games
    ✔ castmates perferred for all
    ✔ slow to medium pace + light on AC

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