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meme goes up on the last Saturday of every month


Put an ad up with the characters / crew / pairings / fetish you want for your game under the correct game header. This meme is primarily going to be focused on DWRP games but IJ and LJ games are allowed.

ABSOLUTELY NO obnoxious coding (no font size > size 4 or 3 "big" tags, no banners, no blinking text, no obnoxious tables, no sparklies, no pictures). Use all the colors you like, but please remember 3 "big" tags is the limit and that's only for headers or title text rather than for all the text in an ad.


RPers interested in a game can create a header for the game and ask questions about that game that aren't easy to find on faqs, such as the actual pace vs. what's listed/what kind of plots are run/if the game leans more towards plotty or slice of life/if a game leans more towards network or logs, etc. Both anon questions and anon answers are welcome in this section just like in the rest of the meme.

This thread is not for speaking about wank or drama in a game. There are anoncomms that exist for that. This thread is specifically for general questions about a game that rpers want to get perspective on from players already in the game. Answers can be slightly negative (such as saying app response is slow or that the plots are repetitive or similar things) but this should at least be worded politely. Unnecessary vitriol, any mention of personal drama or wank, or mod teams/individual mods/players being singled out, will be frozen and/or deleted.


Put up an ad about the characters you are offering. For PSL/1-on-1 ads, there is a separate subthread but for character ads for games, post directly to the meme post. Others will comment to you with the games/casts they want you to join.

ABSOLUTELY NO obnoxious coding, with the same rules as the Game Ads Section above.

If you're recommending a game to someone, try to match your suggestion to their needs. Try not to recommend the same game to every single ad, either.


If there's trouble, tell us HERE, please!


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sexuallyconfuses: @flirting (never said i was a guy lol)

Sailor Moon

[personal profile] sexuallyconfuses 2016-08-27 10:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Have 90's anime Haruka and Michiru, would love to play either one against the other, the inner senshi, the rest of the outers... man, anyone!
meliorist: (Default)

[personal profile] meliorist 2016-08-28 06:09 am (UTC)(link)
HI SO. I've been a longtime secret admirer of your username, but while this is the fandom of my heart I've been hesitant to actually pick anyone up from it because I've honestly never played someone who's not live-action (and I don't have the foggiest where I'd find good icons, which I'm picky about). That being said, I just finished a grand rewatch and I love these girls so much, so I'd be pretty easily enabled. I could theoretically do Michiru because I adore her (and these happy lesbians are what I needed this year) but the voices I'd probably be strongest with are Ami and Hotaru, so?
sexuallyconfuses: (the most lovestruck smile on the face of)

[personal profile] sexuallyconfuses 2016-08-28 06:14 am (UTC)(link)
Oh shucks, thanks! :') I'd happily play against any and all of them, and I don't mind one bit if you'd like to do some voicetesting! I'm sure with enough digging we could find some decent icons, or if all else fails I have the whole series in pretty high quality, so I'm sure something could be worked out. C: COME TO ME.
supercomputes: (Default)

[personal profile] supercomputes 2016-08-28 06:54 am (UTC)(link)
Well, here is a journal for Ami (but honestly, any and all reads like an invitation to me, so the other two will turn up eventually -- I will admit I especially have a yen for any "Hotaru has two mommies" sort of situation) and in the meantime I'm just going to whip up temporary icons with what screencaps I first find, but I may well take you up on that.
sexuallyconfuses: (llllladies)

[personal profile] sexuallyconfuses 2016-08-28 07:05 am (UTC)(link)
Dang, smooth username! And by all means, hit me up whenever you're able. I look forward to it. ♥ (This tumblr tag has some cute Ami icons, though most of them would have to undergo some resizing!)
supercomputes: (Default)

[personal profile] supercomputes 2016-08-28 07:20 am (UTC)(link)
Curtsies. I'm also particular about those, honestly. I'm all excited now. ♥
supermanda: (Default)

Re: Sailor Moon

[personal profile] supermanda 2016-09-03 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
Love this! I've been thinking of doing a quick canon-review for my girl Pluto and picking her up!

Though, she'd be manga.
sexuallyconfuses: (Default)

[personal profile] sexuallyconfuses 2016-09-03 01:53 am (UTC)(link)
Heck yeah! Manga Puu's dandy by me, at least there her backstory is... marginally more coherent! Hit me up if you ever wanna do a thing. B)
supermanda: (Default)

[personal profile] supermanda 2016-09-03 11:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Yesss x999!

Work is insane in the membrane this weekend, but if it starts to settle down by Monday, I'm definitely gonna start reading.

I will get back to you, Sailor friend~~
sexuallyconfuses: by pixiv.net/member.php?id=43204 (so fucking pleased with herself)

[personal profile] sexuallyconfuses 2016-09-04 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
Aye aye! I'll be looking forward to it! c: