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October EMP Meme


meme goes up on the last Saturday of every month


Put an ad up with the characters / crew / pairings / fetish you want for your game under the correct game header. This meme is primarily going to be focused on DWRP games but IJ and LJ games are allowed.

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RPers interested in a game can create a header for the game and ask questions about that game that aren't easy to find on faqs, such as the actual pace vs. what's listed/what kind of plots are run/if the game leans more towards plotty or slice of life/if a game leans more towards network or logs, etc. Both anon questions and anon answers are welcome in this section just like in the rest of the meme.

This thread is not for speaking about wank or drama in a game. There are anoncomms that exist for that. This thread is specifically for general questions about a game that rpers want to get perspective on from players already in the game. Answers can be slightly negative (such as saying app response is slow or that the plots are repetitive or similar things) but this should at least be worded politely. Unnecessary vitriol, any mention of personal drama or wank, or mod teams/individual mods/players being singled out, will be frozen and/or deleted.


Put up an ad about the characters you are offering. For PSL/1-on-1 ads, there is a separate subthread but for character ads for games, post directly to the meme post. Others will comment to you with the games/casts they want you to join.

There is a "Find a Castmate" section, where you can talk about a cast you play in at a game, and try to lure people to join it. Not all games post to the meme or have a "wanted" section, so players that want to tempt people to their cast on their own can use this section for it. Please format this the same as the PSL/1-on-1 section, where you post the canons in your subject. For the actual text of the ad you must use the "Find a Castmate" form provided at the bottom of this post so that these ads don't get huge. When listing who's currently in a cast, please do this in sentence form (with commas) rather than in list form.

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majorgeneral: do ηot тake. (pic#10697176)

owari no seraph/seraph of the end

[personal profile] majorgeneral 2016-10-30 04:18 am (UTC)(link)
Shinya Hiiragi

• Mostly castmates to play Shinya against especially the likes of Guren + Guren squad, Mahiru, Shinoa squad, Hiiragi family, vampires. If you're a castmate, I would love to play against you.
• That being said, I'm also open to crosscanon!
• Memes are where I've been keeping him thus far (he's been on a couple TDMs as well) and enjoy those but also good with psls or museboxes.
• Currently don't have him in a game but that may change? We'll see.
• Gen, fluff, shippy, angst, dark. I want them all really.
• AUs are also ok with me, too.
• Open to M/F and M/M, really doesn't matter to me, smut is also ok with me. (shinya is 24)
• Feel free to comment here or send an inbox!
dejerate: (Makebelieve)

[personal profile] dejerate 2016-10-30 05:20 am (UTC)(link)
I'm still getting through Guren's novels for more backstory and history in general with the older characters and setting but. If you ever want to do anything with Yuu, whether you end up bringing Shinya to Mask or Menace or not.
majorgeneral: do ηot тake. (pic#10697174)

[personal profile] majorgeneral 2016-10-30 05:39 am (UTC)(link)
We haven't really seen that much interaction between these two in the anime/manga yet, have we? There's been some but! That just means we'll have to create some own for ourselves if given the chance to. Which of course means I am always up for that with Yuu.
dejerate: (They tell me that)

[personal profile] dejerate 2016-10-30 05:44 am (UTC)(link)
He probably has a hilarious impression of Yuu just based off of Guren's rants about the brat too. But yeah, Shinya mostly seems to work with Yoichi in canon which makes sense because longer range attackers and all. I can just hear the stories though, barely even exaggerated 'oh my god, Shinya, did I tell you what Yuu did today? He tried to go up against a vampire with a wooden sword......'

At least he can't say Yuu isn't just as reckless and protective of his family, given Shinya bodily restraining and dragging Yuu from that fight with Crowley. Still, I'd definitely be up for fleshing things out more with them.
majorgeneral: do ηot тake. (pic#10698463)

[personal profile] majorgeneral 2016-10-30 05:53 am (UTC)(link)
I think the fact that Yuu can do things/act a certain way that reminds Shinya of Guren is also something that he likes to poke fun at Guren over. That whole "wow, you're so cute acting all tough, you remind me of Guren at your age" alone pretty much sums it all up when he's not in Major General role. I wish Shinya had escaped with them at Nagoya but I understand his staying behind with "Guren".

Something like that is good to play off with Yuu so impulsive and Shinya having to restrain himself from his own impulses with everyone he's responsible for. It's a good "clash" of sorts though I feel that Shinya understands where he's coming from, especially when he decided to just ditch the mission and go for Guren himself after.

So with that said, I think there's definitely areas (and their shared bond with Guren?) that they can connect over. Even if Shinya might want to smack Yuu at times, thinking "oh my god, Guren was not joking about this kid."
Edited 2016-10-30 05:53 (UTC)
dejerate: (Do you like)

[personal profile] dejerate 2016-10-30 06:05 am (UTC)(link)
Using Yuu as comparison and ammo against Guren is accurate though. Guren just keeps denying it while Yuu is clueless to Shinya and his knowing smiles. Maybe if they had even one adult with them in the aftermath things wouldn't have. Fallen apart quite so much after Nagoya idk. I figure probably prior to canon Yuu likely knows of Shinya because Hiragi fam, and has prob seen or met him around by association with Guren but they hadn't really got much time together before it all.

But yes. Definitely, I feel like there's something to explore with the two of them. Particularly in debating how much Guren has actually confided at least in Shinya and his closest allies on the kid and all around what he knows with the whole seraph experiment regarding the kid even if he. Probably didn't go into certain revelations in recent manga chapters.
majorgeneral: do ηot тake. (pic#10698491)

[personal profile] majorgeneral 2016-10-30 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
It seems that Shinya wasn't around as much since even Guren is often all "what are you doing here, Shinya" when he pops up to help or what have you. But I guess that's just what happens when you have Kureto as a brother and are stuck in that crazy family. But with how close he and Guren are, I don't doubt that Yuu has seen him around, just never really introduced properly. There's even the whole Kureto believing/suspecting that Shinya knew Yuu so.

I feel like despite how close and how much he's been through with Guren, there's still some things he's kept in the dark about especially regarding... certain mortality... not sure how much you know so I don't want to spoil anything! But that alone I REALLY want to know more about myself and again shows that Yuu and Guren aren't too far apart in being alike.

I think that, while not Guren, Shinya could be someone good for Yuu? Or at least would help him which is something that can always be fleshed out. I'm sure that Yuu being possessed by his demon is something that Shinya would be annoyed with since he's dealt with that with Guren. I wouldn't be surprised if he would end up considering Yuu to be a mini version of Guren at this rate.
dejerate: (Has begun)

[personal profile] dejerate 2016-10-30 06:25 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah. Kureto just instantly suspecting via association because the brat is Guren's and therefore also clearly must know Shinya by that logic and all. Obviously.

Haa, I am sure I know exaaaactly what you refer to there, I'm up to date and pining for the next chapter already, even if I've only read the first of Guren's novels yet.

Definitely though, Shinya has that good balance of being capable of being serious when it comes to it while also having a similar more laid back personality like Yuu's at the same time. So I think he could help! And by association with Guren, be someone Yuu would trust to give that help if it came to it, I'd like to figure.

And oh gosh do not even get me started on the parallels with him and Guren already.
majorgeneral: do ηot тake. (pic#10701718)

[personal profile] majorgeneral 2016-10-30 06:40 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, good. I was going to say it but then pulled a Shinya and restrained myself from doing so. I gasped when Ferid said that they had been killed and Guren brought them back to life with the seraph of the end. Because, typically when it comes to death and all, people usually don't always come back as they once were or there's something wrong or will go wrong and I sort of hope that's not the case for them but it wouldn't surprise me either? I'm more curious about how that happened and who did it to them and if Shinya and the others even know. I wouldn't be surprised if Guren kept it to himself if they don't know. So I sort of need that story now because I really want to know.

I definitely think they would help each other in battle (Shinya covering for them to get out of Nagoya after all) provided Yuu doesn't do something that annoys Shinya or make him feel like he's being reckless and putting everyone else's life on the line.

But then there's also the whole being responsible for Yuu thing that I think Shinya would feel considering who he is to Guren and how, with Guren telling Shinya to take command, he feels responsible for taking care of him now and making sure he's kept alive. I could see Shinya taking a few hits for Yuu if it meant he would survive.

These parallels are going to make Shinya have an aneurysm at this rate and yet he'll stay right there with them.

Also, eventually if these two here were to ever "bond" more, it might be interesting if Shinya is able to tell Yuu some things regarding his past even if it surrounds having been engaged to Shinoa's sister and all that craziness that went down. Shinya might leave out the whole stabbing Mika thing and trying to kill him but you know. Details.
dejerate: (Your salvation)

[personal profile] dejerate 2016-10-30 06:47 am (UTC)(link)
I get the feeling there is. Definitely more context that Ferid being Ferid, left out because he's a pain like that. But yeah, I'm wondering what the catch is here. Was it just. The virus that resulted? Or is there more. I've read FMA, okay, this bringing back the dead never ends well! But yeah it's hard to say how much Shinya and co actually know if any of it.

Yuu has gotten better with teamwork. Er, comparatively? When he isn't freaking out and letting Ashuramaru/seraph take over because the squad is in danger, I mean. :l

Also yeeeeah. idk if Yuu even caught Shinoa's comment on the name of Guren's Cursed Gear because he was. Flung back down from the roof at that moment, pffft. Guren has mentioned her but idk if he ever did by name so.

Leaving out the stabbing Mika thing is prob. A good idea though. Aside that Yuu himself did so twice in Shinjuku and all....
majorgeneral: do ηot тake. (pic#10698502)

[personal profile] majorgeneral 2016-10-30 06:58 am (UTC)(link)
I'm a little scared to learn about what the so-called catch is but I feel like there has to be one. Also, the comment Shinya made to Guren when checking in on him before they went off to fight Crowley about how he knows Guren struggles/can't handle with losing people close to him made me initially think he was referring to Mahiru but I wonder if there was more to that comment now or a slight hint or coincidence since Guren glanced off to his squad when Shinya said that. WHO KNOWS but I want to know.

Hard to say since even Shinoa was surprised on the rooftop when Guren called her sister's name for his demon so it shows that not even she was aware of that until that moment.

Yuu gets a pass on that though. It's understandable.

I realize now the bulk of this has really had nothing to do with rp and I'm sorry? From what little they've done on the TDM so far though I have enjoyed with you though! Them being so different but having similar goals/feelings towards certain people makes them interesting to play off each other.
dejerate: (There will always)

[personal profile] dejerate 2016-10-30 07:10 am (UTC)(link)
Right? In hindsight I am now 'Mahiru? Or.....?!' at that little aside, but it may more be Guren reacting to it and Shinya being oblivious yet at that point.

But haa. Yup, pretty much. I've enjoyed it thus far too. I'm more used to my protags instantly having some connection with the rest of the cast and that isn't so strongly the case with OnS. And considering the :l Yuu has over Hiragi except Shinya and Shinoa, lol. It's interesting to play off of, for sure!
majorgeneral: do ηot тake. (pic#10698428)

[personal profile] majorgeneral 2016-10-30 07:21 am (UTC)(link)
With good reason for Yuu being all :| about them. Maybe if Shinya ever indulges Yuu in his past and the crap that they made him do when he was younger (and how he's really treated no better since he's adopted and all) it might have them form a better connection. Possibly. I feel like Shinya keeps a lot of stuff to himself (can't blame him after what he's been through), maybe only ever really connecting with Guren about it.

I'm still not 100% sure if I'll put him in MoM but after speaking with you here, maaaaybe I will consider it a little more. It can be a little daunting going in/being the only character of a fandom in game and though Shinya isn't Guren or Shinoa or someone equally as close to Yuu, that can always be improved in game.
dejerate: (Fighting for)

[personal profile] dejerate 2016-10-30 07:36 am (UTC)(link)
Kureto really. Didn't set the best of impressions with that interrogation and getting Yoichi and Kimizuki involved okay. But yeah, Yuu would relate there. Not that the Hiragi have outright purposely tried to kill Shinya or called him demon spawn but. You know. He gets that some families aren't. The nicest and most ideal.

Yuu could introduce him to some of his friends he's made there at least. I'm sure some of them would get along with Shinya. And heck. If bratty Yuu can survive there for months alone, Shinya is way friendlier by comparison, so.